Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why Is Donald Trump Winning

Why is Donald Trump Winning

The Phenomena

The phenomena of Donald Trump's unprecedented presidential campaign has many politicians and annalists scratching their heads. Voter turnout for the Republican primaries have been up an astounding 60 percent juxtaposed to 2012. Voter turnout for the Democrats, however, is down 30%.

Republican voters are coming out in droves just to get a glimpse of their new savior. 20, 30, even 40 thousand supporters are showing up to his campaign events. There are some that are disappointed, they are the ones that could not get in because it was at full capacity.

So, why is Donald Trump winning and winning 'bigly?' There are several reasons, but the biggest reason for his success is that he represents the antithesis of what the Republican establishment politicians are today. They promised to repeal Obamacare and they did not.

Republican voters are scorned

Buyers Remorse

They promised to use Congress's power of the purse to stop President Obama's unilateral immigration executive order, they funded it. They promised Democrats that would not let a government shutdown be pinned on them again and they gave in to everything the left desired.

Contention and buyers remorse infected millions of conservative voters and they felt betrayed. Then, The Donald walked into the race and these disgruntled voters saw a gleam of light. He was John Wayne on a white horse riding up to save a damsel in distress and he is saying things that no politician dared.

He would speak in a fashion that seemed inappropriate and the media would say, “That's it for Trump, he is all done now.” The exact opposite happened. Every time someone bashed him, the Trump monster grew bigger. Why is Trump winning when he has zero political experience? The answer is because he has no political experience.

Left-Wing Media Helped Trump

The Left Launched His Success

When he had 25 percent of the vote they said that he had peaked. When he hit 30 percent they repeated the same. The left-wing media outlets would put him on camera almost every day in an attempt to force a gaff. Little did they know, they were hoisting him to the top.

He received an estimated $2 billion worth of free air time thanks to the left. He has spent less on his campaign than anyone else in this race – including the Democrats. The left are asking themselves, “Why is Donald Trump winning so big” when they are the ones that catapulted him to the top.

Another reason why Donald Trump is winning is the fact that he has been in the bedrooms of millions of Americans for the last 11 years. His show “The Apprentice” was wildly popular and no one considered him a political figure.

Donald Trump on the stump

Why Is Donald Trump Winning?

They loved his abrasive and unfettered behavior on his hit TV show and they love it now. He is not rehearsed like his fellow politicians and when he is asked a question, he does not answer it in a way that sounds like he is delivering the Gettysburg Address.

Why Donald Trump is winning is because that is what he does with every venue. He wins and wins big. Americans can expect the same in the 2016 presidential election – a President Donald Trump.

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