Monday, May 30, 2016

Why Do Democrats Want Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigrants Crossing The Mexican Border

Are Illegal Immigrants Voting

The Democrats want illegal immigration to continue. They have courted illegal immigrants with open arms for decades. Why would they encourage illegal activities so brazenly obvious? The answer is quite simple; they need to replenish their supply of Democrat voters at every opportunity.

They believe in open borders to allow a fresh stream of political supporters to enter the nation. The unrest in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala has not escalated one iota, but the left say that America must let them in because of the violence in their country.

They search worldwide for desperate souls and tell the world that they want to save them from turmoil. They vociferously tell their countrymen and women that they are the quixotic party sent from God to help the less fortunate. That, bringing them to America is the right thing to do.

But, illegal immigrants cannot vote, right? No, that is not the case. Although the laws clearly indicate that they cannot vote, and that they should not be here, they do vote. In the 2012 presidential election, for instance, 13 percent of the electoral voters were of illegal immigrant status.

13 percent were the illegal voters that were found. The undiscovered illegal voters cannot be determined insofar as the federal government does not pursue a body count. If the aforementioned 13 percent had voted for Mitt Romney, he would be the president today.

The prodigious majority of illegal, and legal immigrants vote for Democrats. To attract these soon-to-be voters, government assistance is made readily accessible to both legal and illegals. This is the grandest Ponzi scheme of them all.

71.6 percent of legal immigrant households with children collect government assistance. A staggering 86.8 percent of illegal immigrant households with children collect government benefits. 31 percent of legal immigrants without children collect benefits, whereas 22.6 percent of illegals without children collect benefits.

95 Million Unemployed Americans

Immigration And Jobs

Democrats want immigration, but it is supposed to enhance the nation, but contrarily, immigrants with little education and low skills are flocking into the U.S. unfettered. Most immigrants aren't coming to America for work – there aren't many jobs to be had. They know that the bag of free stuff will be provided to them.

95 million Americans are not working today. When any immigrant wants to work and lands a job, an American remains on the list of unemployed or under-employed. The Obama Administration has made it extremely challenging for his citizenry to find a job.

Case in point; incoming immigrants are much more attractive to employers because of a little-known part of Obamacare. Businesses do not have to pay the $3,000 per employee fine for not providing them with health care insurance.

Just imagine; a company that has 10 immigrant employees would save $30,000 per year under this loophole. This acts as an incentive for companies to seek out immigrants and not hire Americans.

ISIS Wants To Slaughter Americans

Syrians Coming To America

Democrats want illegal immigration at any cost. President Obama unconstitutionally bypassed Congress once again and decided to import tens of thousands of Syrians. There is no way to know who they are or where they originally came from. It is estimated that one in ten will be ISIS terrorists or supporters of terrorism.

All refugees are immediately eligible for all federal benefits. This includes health care, monthly cash, food stamps, housing, and many more handouts. The U.S. is paying for the trip from 120-degree Syria and sending them to places like Minnesota.

America's 44th President does not care if American citizens are hurt or killed. He does not care that immigrants are placed at the front of the line for benefits. He does not care that they are treated exponentially better than our own Veterans. He does not care about adding this cost to the $19 trillion debt.

This is how the Democrats keep an endless supply of voters – and they will vote for Democrats to keep the money train coming.

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